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New York Cases

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3/16 Princeton party update: 3 more test positive

3/15 New Jersey has a jump of 31 new cases of Coronavirus today, raising the total to 98


New York’s first coronavirus death and another 100 new confirmed cases


New York School Closure Update

New Jersey School Closure Update

What are the symptoms for CoVID-19? How do I know if I’ve caught a flu or is it CoVID-19?

What’s the difference between CoVID-19 and a common flu?

Why is CoVID-19 much more dangerous than the common flu, or some other Coronaviruse, or even more deadly viruses like SARs, MERS or Ebola?

Doesn’t Lysol say it can kill Coronavirus? What’s the big deal?

How is CoVID-19 transmitted? Is it airborne? (Yes and No)

What is the best way to protect yourself and prevent CoVID-19 from further spreading?

Do we need a mask? (It’s not what you think)

What to do if I cannot buy a mask?

Some experts say a mask is useless against CoVID-19, some say you need at least N95 masks, who is right?

What to do if I can’t find a mask?

What to do when I can’t find any sanitizer?

Everyone is stocking toilet paper, should I?

In case of a lock down, will life necessities run out? What should I stock?

Is testing CoVID-19 free? What about treatment?

What number should I call if I or family member have symptoms?

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