这一次LXR & Co. sample sale真是高大上了,各种高端一线奢侈品牌都参加,价格简直不要太低!!


Ferragamo , $337;Versace ,$397.50;Tory Burch ,$200; monogrammed Gucci , $122.50;Marc Jacobs crossbody ,$112.50;粉色的Furla ,$47.50!

啥也不多说了,时间持续到8月19日晚9点,地点在21 Dey St between Church St and Broadway, New York, NY 10007。直接上现场图,赶紧去抢吧

IMG_5379.0 IMG_5355.0 IMG_5356.0 IMG_5357.0 IMG_5359.0 IMG_5361.0 IMG_5364.0 IMG_5365.0 IMG_5367.0 IMG_5368.0 IMG_5369.0 IMG_5370.0 IMG_5372.0 IMG_5373.0 IMG_5378.0

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